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Soho Bagel Cafe
1510 Ridge Road West
Rochester, NY 14615

(585) 663-2740

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Under the SoHo brand, we have evolved our concept of a bagel bakery into a Bagel cafe that included a full array of hot and cold sandwiches, including Panini, Pita, and Artisan Rolls. We are proud to offer our customers the freshest and highest quality food and service. Everything is prepared before your eyes in a timely manner that does not consume your schedule. No compromise on quality.

SOHO BAGEL CAFÉ is earthy and inviting. We have designed our seating area to include a multi comfort seating, to including tiled café appeal and , a soft casual seating area with leather couches, full service barista bar, and a fire place.


We currently carry the largest selection of water boiled bagels anywhere in western and upstate New York, including Chocolate cappuccino, cranberry orange, low carb, and gluten free bagels, just to name a few.


We are consciously aware of quality, service and most importantly providing them in a safe and healthy environment. We have been vigilant on providing our customers with all the possible information on our products: Ingredient information, Nutritional information, Allergen information, and tracking information. Currently, we are the only fresh water boiled bagel provider in the area that requires our dough to pass through metal detectors to deter manufacturing contamination.


SOHO BAGEL CAFÉ is committed and is keenly aware of critical issues effecting our environment. We have been active at reducing our carbon foot print. As in any conscious effort, we first make a serious attempt to reduce, reuse, and then recycle.

  • We first searched out local vendors for all or needs. As such, we have successfully found local vendors for all our inventory and supply needs.
  • Eliminated the need for food carrying trays in our retail line.
  • Eliminated the use of paper and Styrofoam plate. Instead we use REUSABLE/RENEWABLE, and RECYCLEABLE bamboo baskets with paper liners.
  • Make available for our customers reusable carry-out bags.
  • Requested the vendors reduce the amount of packaging and attempt to take the loose packing material back with them.
  • Eliminated all incandescent lighting to energy efficient lighting.
  • Instituted a preventative maintenance on all our equipment for optimum efficiency.
  • Utility management through electronic timers and wise baking schedules.
  • We request packaging supplies to be made with recycled materials. We look for the SFI logo Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) or the recycle logo.
  • We minimize land fill usage by recycling all of our corrugated and other recyclables.